Privacy Policy(Personal information protection policy)

Blue Shift Technology Inc. regards personal information protection as an important social responsibility and has set the personal information protection policy as below.
Acquisition, use and management of personal information
1.Blue Shift Technology gathers personal information in an appropriate manner, and informs the owner of the personal information about the purpose of the usage.
2.Blue Shift Technology sets the purpose of the use of personal information in advance and properly treats the information within the limit of this purpose.
3.Blue Shift Technology tries to maintain the gathered personal data accurately and keep it as up-to-date as possible.
4.Blue Shift Technology takes human and material safety control measures against leakage, loss and damage of gathered personal data, illegal access to our web site and any virus thread.
5.When outsourcing the management of personal data to a business partner, Blue Shift Technology signs contracts with the partner and supervises to ensure the personal information is treated properly.
Disclosure of personal information to a third party
Blue Shift Technology will not disclose personal data to a third party without prior permission of the owner of such data, except under following conditions.

・When required by the terms and conditions of the related laws.
・When needed to save a human life, health, or assets and when it is hard to obtain permission.
・When needed in accordance with public health or to maintain sound development of children and when it is hard to obtain permission.
・When needed for government agencies or local municipal entity to carry out legal procedures and it is hard to obtain permission.
Compliance with the law and its effort
1.Blue Shift Technology complies with related laws, such as the personal information protection law.
2.Blue Shift Technology sets the internal rules related to personal information protection and trains and monitors employees as needed.
3.Blue Shift Technology regularly updates and improves this personal information protection policy and internal regulations and management regarding personal information protection in accordance with amendments of the law, change in the environment, and the results of internal audits.
1.Blue Shift Technology will respond to requests to disclose, modify, terminate use or erase the personal information under the personal information protection law in a proper and timely manner.
2.In case you feel that we are not compliant with this policy, or you have any questions about our personal information management, please contact us.