Company introduction

Blue Shift Technology is a consulting firm founded by Shinichi Okamoto, ex CTO of Sony Computer Entertainment, in 2003. We provide business design/development and advisory services in Japan, Asia, US and Europe.

The first main focus is the advisory service to technology start-ups covering not only technology but whole company issue, like equity strategy, organization, marketing, business development. Until 2014, our clients executed three IPO, five M&A (in US, Israel and Japan) and many equity round. Okamoto can support the clients in long term view as a board member. He is in the sheet of board in one public company in Japan, four start-ups in Japan and another in US currently.

Secondly, Blue Shift Technology focuses to provide the cross border business development service for technology companies. We covers wide spectrum of services from launching Japan office to finding customers/investors/business partners. The companies targeting Japan from US/Canada/Finland/Israel/Taiwan/Thailand/Hong Kong, and Japanese companies and funds targeting US/Korea/Taiwan/China/Hong Kong/Thailand can be supported.

Blue Shift Technology provides other services listed below.
Senior adviser and technology valuation specialist service
to fund operators running CVC, VC and PE;
Advisory/education service for corporate executives;
Business model design/research/advice for alliance and licensing;
System/business design for contents creation and distribution technology.

Blue Shift Technology supports technology based businesses globally.